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Dr. Michelle McGrath is a change agent who collaborates with others to support personal and professional transformation. Best selling author, college faculty, researcher, consultant, speaker, award winning non-profit leader, co-founder and lead facilitator at ZENith Retreats, and a youth leadership development expert. She has led schools, non-profits, national organizations, state championship athletes, and world-renowned service organizations. She has proven success in strategic planning, communications, board relations, relationship development and organizational change. Known for agility, positivity, relationship building, story telling, intuitive skills and ability to “get things done” while managing multiple tasks. 


Michelle uses her infectious energy to empower people to take control of their lives and pursue their passions without fear. She authentically connects with audiences. She has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives through her sage advice, graduate courses, publications, seminars, public appearances, consulting and retreats.  She was chosen as one of the Brava's Women to Watch in 2023, along with one of the top “40 Under 40” leaders in Madison. She is an engaged Rotarian and upcoming District Governor for District 6250.  She lives with her husband and blended family of 4 children in Madison, WI.


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What My Clients Are Saying:

"Michelle is a leader of leaders. Her enthusiasm fuels her intelligent, committed, and positive support for those she serves. She has the knowledge and skills to lead a team to successfully realize the mission and vision established by the organization.""

- Jim Lynch, AWSA, Executive Director

"Michelle is one of the brightest and committed community leaders, stellar role model, and rock-star mother balancing her work-life aspirations. She is a positive, disruptor, leading with vulnerability, teaching courage and compassion. She is what author Charles Nanz refers to as The New Super Leadership."

- Joanna Burish, Founder of Brauds Network

"Dr. McGrath has the leadership, passion, humility, and infectious energy to make anything happen.  Her recent book is full of learned and lived wisdom plus a fun journey to share.  The wisdom is even more powerful with its brain science backing.  There are many ideas that are universally applicable to all of us."

- Niraj Nihawan, MD, Founder and CEO of Life Ecology Organization

"Dr. McGrath is someone that gets the job done. I've been fortunate enough to work with her on several initiatives and she continues to lead by example and has a proven track record of success in each.  Michelle has the ability to bring the best out of people and maximize their skills."

- Jamie DeMatthew, Milwaukee Bucks, Senior Executive

"Part memoir, part guidance, part humor, and 100% inspiration- In Dropping the F-Bomb, Michelle's passionate and authentic story-telling urges us to own our own stories, including the messes, in order to be our best selves.  Her short, pithy, and on the mark chapters create a punch list of awareness on the way to becoming a go-giver.  This book is a F-Bomb written for women by a woman who exemplifies Funny, Fierce, Frank, and Fabulous.”"

             - Terry Hamm, NASSCED President & Director of Texas Association of Student Councils

The Sculpt You Community

"Dropping the F-Bomb helped me realize that while there are never going to be perfect opportunities laid out for us in life, there are tools we can learn from Michelle that help us forge the life that we want to lead. I loved each of her "silver lining" tips and this book has helped me see life through a completely new lens!" -Lauren S


"Dr. Michelle McGrath's Dropping the F-Bomb awakened me! I felt like I could relate to all of her stories, and it also showed that you can be very successful and also have messy periods of life and even not "have it all together!" I loved the messages in this book, and I have implemented a lot of her tips into both my personal and professional life!" -Erica D


"Dropping the F-Bomb redefined what a successful life looks like for me. I feel confident knowing that I can go through rough patches in my life and still be a successful and happy woman-messes are a part of life and do not take away from my worth or make my goals any less reachable!" -Mikala W.


"This book was a beautiful telling of what the "behind the scenes of success" looks like! Too often I thought to myself I had too much of a hectic or messy life to make my goals and dreams come true, and this book helped me see that is just a part of life. I have been implementing the 'Silver Linings' into my life and noticing how much more I am prioritizing my goals and also being an advocate for myself, my dreams, and my career. Thankful for being able to learn from an all-around amazing woman like Michelle that we don't have to have it all together to make our dreams a reality, and I know this book will impact me for the rest of my life!" -Bridgette W.


“Michelle is your best friend and teacher. She instills confidence, courage, and shines the light on where you get to heal and where you get to call out your fears in order to find the magic in life. faith."

- Megan Walker, Self-Love and Body Coach

“When I first met Michelle I could easily see she was smart, hungry, had a can-do attitude, and embodied a strong faith."

- John Skogen, Founder of Festival Foods & Author of "Boomerang"

“ Dr Michelle McGrath joined the Women’s Leadership Group at Myriad Genetics Neuroscience division to impart her experience, wisdom and mantra.  The WLG is focused on personal growth, empowerment and career focus.  Dr. Mcgrath is a phenomenal resource, her messaging and delivery is truly impactful! We had a national presence listening and learning around how to be fearless and succeed in business and in life. 
She is inspirational and truly focused on her audience!  We embraced her suggestions, felt immediately comfortable with her approach and have take-a-ways to leverage in our next steps for personal change and professional growth.  Amazing person and amazing message!!  Highly recommend her talent to lift people up and empower their individual path!

                     _  Trea Behrendt, Molecular Sales Specialist,  Myriad Neuroscience
                               Women’s Leadership Group, member/presenter  - Myriad

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