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The Silver Lining includes valuable lessons and a tribe of amazing people.

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Chapter 14

All of us experience times when we are criticized or second guessed. We wouldn’t be effectively leading ourselves or anyone else if that wasn’t the case. For some, turning around and heading backwards seems like the obvious choice.

 If there is an F-bomb I want everyone to start dropping it is this one - FORWARD!

It will always take failure to understand how to move FORWARD. Fail often.

Have faith in all that you have done to move yourself and those around you FORWARD

People that know me well know that I am putting on my boots every day and moving forward into the arena. Heck, I even put them on when I head to the dance floor. Go dust yours off and I’ll look for you all in there

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Chapter 22

My mom swears that praying the rosary has moved her FORWARD in life or “kept her kids safe”. I think it’s allowed her to find peace and quiet her brain in order for positive things to happen.

Here’s what I know…

Practicing gratitude and engaging my upper brain reminds me daily that I must always have eyes that see the best in people, the courage to have the hard conversations, and the audacity to stand my behind my convictions. I will have a that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in the good in this world.

Some people like to keep their friends close and their enemies closer… I choose to pray EQUALLY for them both.

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Chapter 13

Chasing the wrong things is common ground for us all. Those chases for me turned out to be some pretty good stories. However, at the onset of the pandemic, when my family and I stopped all of the chasing, the universe showed up and reminded us what exactly was important in life. Family game nights and family dinners made a quick return. Young people put down their phones and took bike rides, dug for worms and set up lemonade stands. We learned how to face fear together and showed up for the young and the old and everyone in between.

Today would have been the first day of summer camp! For the past 25 years, summer camp has been a big part of my life. Whether I was dropping off my own students from school there or most recently, for the past 15, welcoming in all of the amazing young leaders from across the country. So much anticipation and joy for so many young people!

The Silver Lining.... Extraordinary lives include an abundance of interesting chases AND most needed times to create space for the right things to catch us. HOPE will never be cancelled! Joy is everywhere! Go sit out by the lake and welcome in all the universe plans to provide.

Inspiration Tribe

Authors, consultants & coaches that appear in my books and continue to inspire me on my journey!

Personal Tribe - 
Thanks for making my journey a great one!

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