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With honest, fearless storytelling, Michelle reveals research based, practical strategies that helped her and the thousands of others she has worked with to move forward on their journey.She reflects on her path as a single mom, business leader, and ring master of her own, crazy circus to provide laugh out loud, inspiring stories, sage wisdom, and the silver lining learned from it all. Throughout the book, she will entertain and encourage you to lean into your fears, embrace your flaws, and become the joyous, vibrant human you were meant to be.We all desperately seek a life that engages our fullest potential. It’s time to live yours. Get ready to be fearless, forward and fulfilled.

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A message sent from a recent READER...


My grandma gave me a copy of your book and needless to say I stayed up all last night and read it front to back. I plan on doing so again as like anything good, it's worth more than one view. 


Your book could not have come into my hands at better timing and I cannot stop to tell you the amount of inspiration, laughs and tears it gave to me through my rough night last night. 


 Being a single mom for a long time now myself and going through many obstacles I have yet to find anything to relate to to push me forward to give me hope through all I am facing.  Dropping the F-bomb did just that for me. 


Top off the single parenting, bills, work and life balance through many years. I last night went through the decision to finally file for primary placement/custody of my daughter. I think it is something I have been battling in my head for a while now.  What your book did for me last night I can never thank you enough. It showed me the strength that I am not the only mom sitting here on the curb bawling her eyes out, struggling days to make those bills and I am not the only mom out there who’s heart is torn between right and wrong choices we make for ourselves and our children and knowing how it will affect the days to come. Your empowering words have helped to lift my very beaten spirit today. 


Thank you for being that empowerment to myself and other young women going through the same and much worse obstacles. I stay hopeful that this will always stick me and remain on my night stand in times of those weaknesses and gives my inspiration to stay pushing forward.


I had to reach out. I couldn't go without doing so.


Thank you so incredibly much!

“Michelle is truly one of the kindest souls – the real kind, none of that fake stuff. She’s one of the brightest and committed community leaders, friend and stellar role model as a ROCKSTAR mother balancing her work-life aspirations. It was in her term as Rotary President that I watched her flourish. She not only portrayed incredible leadership skills, but she had the audacity to bring “Mindfulness” into the business conversion. My heart exploded watching how she changed Rotary during this term being a positive business disruptor, leading with vulnerability, teaching courage and compassion. She is what Authors Charles C. Manz and Henry P. Sims Jr refer to as “The New SuperLeadership”, and I call true BraudPower - Through this book she leads others to lead themselves!! I promise you it will leave you wanting more from Dr. McGrath!”

Joanna Burish

Founder of The Brauds Network

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