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Expertise from the Edge comes from a journey filled with failure, wrong turns, detours, leaning into fear and learning that uncomfortable is the only way to opportunity.   And because of ALL of it, I managed to achieve incredible success and expertise.  If you are not leading from the edge you are simply taking up too much space. Let me help you do the same!

Let Me Help You

If you are not leading from the edge you taking up too much space.

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Providing Leadership & Expertise in:

  • Brain-science and research based practices to lead you and your team to success.

  • Understanding the intricacies of K-12 education and the needs that exist for students, educators, and school communities today and beyond.

  • Supporting leaders as they maneuver change, lead from the edge, take risks, promote positive mental health, and find joy in the process. 

  • Building collaborative teams, both within their organization and with stakeholders. Teaching leaders how to move from a culture of entitlement to resiliency.

  • Connecting leaders through strong relationships in the educational and community landscapes throughout Wisconsin and across the country.

  • Planning, facilitating, and leading successful small and large scale events with enthusiasm, energy, and impact.  

  • Curriculum and training development.

Significant Career Contributions

If you are not leading from the edge you are taking up too much space.

Personal Relationships Success:  I have achieved success through exemplary networking and community-building skills and developed long-term personal and professional relationships locally, statewide and nationally, including partnerships with signature organizations i.e. Milwaukee Bucks, UW Badgers, WIAA, Madison Downtown Rotary leaders, National Association of Secondary School Principals, etc. I have skillfully supervised and developed hundreds of employees, volunteers, and interns.  I approach my relationships in a professional, collaborative way.  These relationships remain intact today, withstanding the test of time.


Synergistic Leadership Program Development: With my Doctorate in Administration and Leadership, I have applied disciplines of research and analysis to organizational structure. I have led the planning, targeting, relationship building and evaluation of proven leadership development curriculum and programming for thousands of school-age children and adults around the country.  I have engineered, organized, and facilitated small and large scale events at the state and national level. 

Communication Expertise:  I have led the planning and execution of all print materials, presentations, video, website and digital media, social media campaigns, and public speaking on behalf of various non-profits, ZENith, and my book – “Dropping the F-bomb”. I love to tell a good story to create synergy around any topic. A proven ambassador both in print and in speaking, successfully representing each organization I have worked for and for the community and national organizations I led as President – Madison Downtown Rotary, Rotary District 6250,  and NASSCED.

Signature Topics & Programs


Creating Significant Impact

  • Creating the Team you Need for Transformation.

  • Learning Effective Strategies to Lead Yourself and Others Through Change

  • Understanding the Need to Engage Your Higher Brain to Create Synergy Around Goals

  • Learn How to Build on Success

  • Turning Challenges into Opportunities

  • Setting the Course for Change


Building a Team for Success

  • Determining Your Needs/Values

  • Getting Intentional about Your Team & Building IT

  • Building Synergy and Trust

  • Creating an Environment for Success

  • Understand the Brain Science Behind Connection & Effective Collaboration

  • How to Retain Quality Team Members


Leading Yourself

Leading Others

  • Learn Strategies that Encourage Positive Mental Health

  • Employ Effective Brain Based Strategies that Build Neuroplasticity and Effectiveness

  • Determine Personal and Professional Core Values and How to Lead with Them 

  • Leaning into Uncomfortable to Embrace Opportunity

  • Launching and Retaining Team Members Effectively

The Sculpt You

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What are my clients saying about me?

My Clients

LaCrosse Area Leadership Series
National Association of Student Council Executive Directors
Texas Association of School Administrators
National Conference of Student Activities
Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association
Wisconsin Public Radio
Rotary District 6250
Missouri Association of School Councils
Minnesota Association of School Administrators
Wisconsin Association of School Boards
Massachusetts Association of School Councils
Iowa Association of Student Councils
California Activities Directors Association
Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association
Digital Ed.
Life Ecology Organization
Myriad Neuroscience Group

Association of Wisconsin School Administrators


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